Mesoestetic Regenerative Skin Programs

Mesoestetic Regenerative Skin Programs

Now $179 each for a Course of 5

(Normally Individually: $280)

Radiance DNA – Global leader in anti ageing – will correct stage IV of ageing acceleration or disorders

Stem Cell – Potent technology that promotes the creation of 1000’s of new epidermal cells repairing the effects of skin ageing.

Collagen 360° – Potent technology that promotes the creation of new collagen and strengthens existing collagen.

Mesoeclat – Potent cell detoxifying agent that works to stimulate your cells with metabolic activity at the DNA / mitochondrial level

EnergyC – The EnergyC professional treatment series uses highly concentrated serums with patented ingredients that transform and revitalise skins that are suffering from concerns like photo ageing, dullness, pigmentation or are weakened from environmental factors, stress, strict diets or UV radiation damage.

Anti Ox – The Professional; Anti Ox treatment combines Bioflash, Vitamin C 20% and Hydrotaurin. Potent cocktail for visible skin transformation and the ultimate weapon against ageing.

Packages include:

  • Individually: $280 
  • Course of 3: Now $600 (normally a total of $840; works out to be $200 each)
  • Course of 5: Now $895 (normally a total of $1400; works out to be $179 each)