Therapeutic Ampoule Therapy

Mesoestetic Professional Ampoules have a comprehensive range of solutions that contain very specific active solutions in sterile ampoules that are designed for transcutaneous application. These ampoules have been designed to treat all facial, body and capillary aesthetic concerns and guarantee a high level of therapeutic response. Your Dermal Clinician will customise your ampoule therapy based on your skins concerns.

therapeutic ampoule therapy melbourne atone lifestyle salon

Photo Ageing

Potent de-aging ampoule for all signs of photo ageing and environmental aggression

Bio Flash

Potent vitamin, amino acid, mineral salts and co enzymeQ10 cocktail that will treat ageing and support skins regeneration


Potent cocktail that will protect against oxidative stress of the cells – vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C 20% & Hydrotaurin which heals and counteracts damage to the cellular DNA

Proteo Plus

Potent Collagen synthesiser by using patented technology that promotes new collagen growth


Mimics sulphur and amino acid compounds within the body which increase healing, detoxification of cells, protective properties and cellular DNA damage is repaired

Organic Silicon

Potent cocktail that protects your existing collagen, will treat stretch marks, ageing, lacklustre skin. Will regulate and normalise cell metabolism and division

Depigmentation Ampoule

Depigmentation Ampoule Is a powerful combination of active substances that perform whitening, pigmentary alterations correcting and antioxidant action. This formula inhibits tyrosinase and slows down the melanin synthesis noticeably unifying skin tone and restoring brightness and vitality


X-DNA Combats collagen degradation caused by the sun, smoking and oxidative stress. Firms and improves the integral structures of the skin. To include with your existing Dermal Therapy for either infusion by electroporation or Needling devices.

Ampoule application - $50 for subsequent ampoules in same Treatment (Ampoules already included in Dermal Regenerative Therapy Light / Medium / Intense / Intense Plus)