[Expired] All New LED Bar - Express Skin Regeneration Treatments

ALL NEW LED BARExpress Skin Regeneration Treatments

Now $30 each (for blocks of 9 treatments)

(Normally $110 each)

Great for those wanting extra results on a budget or in a hurry

Have you ever wanted to have weekly or even daily access to Salon Modalities to get the results you crave, but think it is unobtainable? This is the package for you.  We at Atone have one of the best LED Light Therapy machines available (Healite by Dr Calderhead - know as the guru of LED technology)

Atone All New LED Bar Christmas 2018 Specials

This machine will de-age and revitalise your cells, improve circulation, promote detoxification of your cells, stimulate the energy house of your cells, reduce inflammation, redness, accelerate wound healing, reduce acne, accelerate healing of scarring, promote collagen and normalise the pH of your skin resulting in more youthful, flawless radiance. Overall it is a modality that will give potent results quickly and without risk or contraindications. The light travels deep within the skin where products and other modalities can’t reach.

How the LED BAR works:

  • Book a 30-minute treatment
  • Upon arrival, we will discuss with you how your skin is feeling
  • We will choose the best product selection for you use on the day (will include cleansers / exfoliants / serums / hydrators / Sunscreens / makeup optional
  • We will set you up in your reserved room with the products and equipment
  • You will administer your products / slip under the light / finish your skin with product selection
  • Leave looking younger than when your walked in

This is a way we can bring this to you for the special prices listed. It is also a way for you to experience many of the products that are on offer on a per visit basis. This value is unmatched with this machine anywhere else.

Normally $110 each.  ($45 as stand alone treatments)

Or Just $39 each for blocks of 6 Treatments Or Just $30 each for blocks of 9 Treatments.  Great gift VOUCHER option.