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skin drench facial 5 800Instant Skin Drench Facial

40 mins treament, including:

  • Cleanse
  • Granule Cleanse
  • Enzyme Exfoliation
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Mask
  • Sonophoresis Vitamin Infusion
  • Customised Hydration

Was $210 Now $89

Power Peel & Skin Drench Facial

skin drench facial 1 800

A 50 minutes treatment including:

  • Cleanse
  • Granule Cleanse
  • Customised Peel (Lactic, Oxygenating Enzyme, Bio White, Pumpkin Enzyme + Lactic)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Mask
  • Shoulder
  • Neck & Facial Massage
  • Sonophoresis Vitamin Infusion
  • Customised Hydration

Was $250, Now $109

LED Light Peel & Skin Drench Facial

skin drench facial 6 800

This 60 min facial turns on the Light and the Hydration in your skin. Using Customized Peeling technology to refine and plump your skin along with sublime Masking and Massage we then turn the dial up again and use LED Light Therapy to re energize your cells and awaken their cellular receptors. Via Sonophoresis we infuse Vitamin rich Hydrating Serums deeply into your skin, the end result is lush, radiant, re energised and youthful.


  • Cleanse
  • Granule Cleanse
  • Customised Peel (Lactic, Oxygenating Enzyme, Bio White, Pumpkin Enzyme + Lactic)
  • Customised Mask
  • Shoulder Neck & Facial Massage
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Sonophoresis Vitamin Infusion
  • Customised Hydration

Was $310, Now $155


Super Charged Sequence Anti Ageing Cell Energizing & Wellness Package

Re energize the energy house of your cells by super charged LED Light therapy & then let us flip you and apply the LED Light Therapy to the back of your neck and head to stimulate your pituitary gland and hyper thalamus which will help Regulate Sleeping patterns & Hormones, Boost your Mood, Immune, Metabolism & Energy. The face has the most light receptors per square inch in the human body. Therefore the uptake of Super Charged LED Light energy by having both areas treated is doubled.

  • Course of 6: $49 each
  • Course of 9: $45 each

Dermal Medi Facial

skin drench facial 3 800

Anti Ageing / Rejuvenation / Pigment / Vascular Includes: Peel /Enzyme / Mask / IPL / ND Yag Laser for Vascular

This treatment will address skin concerns such as ageing, pigment, sun / photo damage, acne, capillaries and rosacea. IPL is a safe, broad spectrum light which interacts with chromophores within the skin, such as pigment, blood, and collagen. Deeply rejuvenate your skin with the combination of sophisticated topical Peels / Mask and with the Super Charged modality of IPL to reboot Collagen / break down Pigment and Vascular lesions.

Full face / Neck / Dec

  • Individually: $279 each
  • Course of 2: $199 each


Using a Medical Grade Machine and Performed by Dermal Clinician.

  • Brazilian: $129
  • G String: $99
  • Bikini: $79
  • Full Leg: $200
  • Half Leg: $149
  • Under Arm: $59
  • Full Face: $99
  • Lip / Chin: $39 each / $59 both areas

Buy 5 treatments get 1 Free – for any residual hair growth over the next 12 months after completion of your course of 6 – receive additional treatment to the same area for 50% OFF listed price.

Skin Drench - Upgrades

  • Led Light Therapy: $29
  • Led Light Therapy (Face & Back): $50
  • Led Light Therapy (Back Only): $25
  • Medik8 Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask: $22 (Nano Technology – for Healing and Hydration) – includes serum for home
  • Mesoestetic Crystal Fibre Mask $29 (Nano Technology – for liquid Collagen & Hydration) – includes serum for home
  • Mesoestetic Trans Dermal Ampoule: $29
  • Mesoestetic Ampoule & Nano Technology 3D Mask: $45
  • Back Pressure Point Massage (15 Mins): $29
  • Mindfulness Mediation & Affirmation Session within your facial: $29

Dermal Upgrades

skin drench facial 7 800

Rejuvenation / Collagen / Pigment / Vascular

Performed By A Dermal Clinician. To Be Performed Within A Facial / Skin Treatment Or As A Stand Alone Treatment

  • IPL Hand: $45 X 4 = 50%Off
  • IPL Neck: $59 X 4 = 50% Off
  • IPL Decolettage: $79 X 4 = 50% Off
  • All 3 Areas: $179 X 4 = $80% Off

The Big Event Facial (60 mins)

This treatment will have you buffed & glowing for your big event or just to show up in your everyday life. Let us refine the skin with customised multi layered exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Lush Hydrating Masks cocktailed with Hydration boosters, perform diving Massage and then the cherry on the cake is Sonophoresis infusion of skin plumping agent and finished with a trans dermal Mesoestetic Ampoule.

The special:

  • Normally $289, Now $165 individually
  • Set of 3 - $149 each


20190403 Dermapen Atone Lifestyle Salon

Rewrite your skin’s history launching Dermapen 4

Collagen / Cell Energizing / Enzymatic Therapy.  With Enzyme Exfoliation & LED Light Therapy.

Launching the Gold Standard for Collagen Induction in Dermapen 4 (smarter, quicker, more technology, more intuitive, more therapist control, best results. Couple this with Enzymatic Exfoliation therapy and Healite LED (Global leading LED by Dr Calderhead) Therapy and your skin will change even after 1 treatment. Commit to 3 treatments and you can times your results by 30%

  • Normally $410 each Individually $259 each
  • Set of 3 - $219 each

RF – Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Tight & Bright Packages

Tighten & firm your skin, rediscover your jaw line, erase crows feet and laugh lines and nasal labia folds. Take years off your appearance. See results after just 1 session. Commit to a course and commit to fortnightly visits and the results will speak for themselves. At these prices everyone can realise firmer & tighter skin.

  • Normally $189 each, Individual $129 each
  • Now x 6 - $79 each
  • Now x 9 - $59 each

LED Light & Hydration Studio

We at Atone have one of the best LED machines available (its all about the machine). Healite LED By Dr Calderhead is considered globally as the Gold Standard in LED Technology

What it does: Revitalise your cells, Detoxify your cells, Stimulate the energy house of your cells (Mitochondria), Reduce inflammation, Reduce acne, Reduce swelling / bruising, Accelerate wound healing, Accelerate scar healing, Normalise the pH pf your skin, Promote new collagen growth. OR in laymans terms create a skin that has more bounce back, radiance and one that is firmer, brighter and overall happier and in balance.

For those that want as much LED as possible these prices are designed to please: For self administered LED Treatment:

  • Normally $110, Individual $59
  • Now x 6 - $39 each
  • Now x 9 - $30 each

TO UPSCALE your LED Experience:

  • Add a Therapist / Mask / Massage - Add $35
  • Add a Therapist / Enzyme Therapy / Mask / Massage - Add $49

20190403 Easter 2019 Specials BG Atone Lifestyle Salon