Electroporation Infusion Treatments

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Electroporation Infusion is a safe for all skin types is totally non-invasive and can be used for treatment for the body and face. There is no downtime and is a pleasant and results driven addition to any other treatment. Electroporation will take your results to a whole new level as it is known as the’ king’ of all infusion devices and gives the skin much needed doses of customised ingredients to best target your skins specific vulnerabilities.

Electroporation infusion safely and effectively delivers specially formulated ionic ampoules into the epidermis (ampoules are selected to target your skins specific requirements). The infusion of the ingredients are performed using a special hand piece that the therapist passes over the surface of the skin in circular massaging motions. The hand piece emits Ion wave pulses that deliver the customised ionised ampoules into the skin. Electroporation, unlike other infusion devices, bypass the stratum corneum, and deliver the ingredients directly into the underlying layers of the skin. Electroporation is a much deeper form of infusion than other modalities generally offered today. As a result of this superior modality and the customised ampoules your skin will feel instantly transformed with more life, hydration, radiance and youthfulness. Electroporation infusion is the superior to all other infusion devices and the results will speak for themselves.

At Atone we combine modalities like LED Light Therapy and Electroporation to bring you power house, super booster, skin restoration treatments where the results are second to none.