Skin DNA Test - $299

A Medical tool to illustrate your DNA profile and how your skin will age.  Read our Atone Skin DNA Test Presentation (PDF).

This state of the art, revolutionary tool now available to medi spas is one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin diagnosis with the cosmeceutical industry for years.  Previously it has been limited to doctors and medical professionals which in turn has made the cost of the test out of reach for most.  However now the beauty industry can use this amazing tool to deliver these same DNA findings that the medical industry has used at a fraction of the cost.  A revolutionary DNA laboratory test exclusive to INSKIN Cosmetic stockists that has partnered with one of the leading laboratories globally

This Skin DNA test examines 16 Genetic markers (SNP’s) in 5 categories associated with skin ageing:

  • Firmness + Elasticity
  • Wrinkling (A.G.E)
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Free Radical Damage
  • Sensitivity and Inflammation

By using a swab for the inside of the mouth that gathers skin cells the swab is then sent off to the specialist laboratory for examination and report findings.  A detailed report of approximately 8 pages listing all of your skins genetic weaknesses and strengths is returned within approximately 10 days.  The report lists ingredients and treatments that are needed to correct your skins weaknesses and genetic predispositions.  This report means no more spending beauty dollars where it is not needed and only spend your beauty dollars where the skin needs it most.  This revolutionary tool means no more guess work, no more scatter gun approach to your skins health but rather a targeted, systematic and scientifically sound approach that will give you the ultimate in results.  This test allows us to see where no trained eye can go and unlock the secrets of your DNA. It allows us to guide you in the best possible direction for your skins future health whilst taking all of the guess work out.

It is simply the best money you could invest in your skins future.

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Skin DNA Test$299